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" You can only see clearly with the heart, the essential is invisible to the eyes." 

(Quote from the book: The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)

This quote has accompanied me since my youth. Today we are very fixated on the outside, the inner values and the inner experience and life are often put in the background or even suppressed. But it is precisely this inner life that enables us to see more, to experience more, to look behind the external and ultimately to influence the external. Because beauty comes from within.

Since mine  childhood  I am accompanied by experiencing and exploring the human body. A lot of things don't just work the way they're told. Why? I've been investigating this question ever since. The search finally brought me to this job via detours and my own experiences. To grasp each person in their entirety and their individuality is incredibly moving, fulfilling and  challenging  Job.  

I first spent many years doing research and am still doing it. I tried out almost everything myself first, what I offer here in therapy. This helped me to understand why things don't always work as they "should". Everyone  person  is unique and this requires a unique therapy plan. What  for  good for me is by no means good for everyone.

Ausbildungen in:

  • Dipl. Fussreflexzonentherapeutin (Bio-Medica, Basel)

  • Dipl. Reflexzonentherapeutin (Bio-Medica, Basel)

  • Nährstoffcoach zertifiziert (Biogena, Österreich)

  • Hormonfachcoach Gold-zertifiziert (Hormonselbsthilfe, Deutschland)

  • UNYTE-ILs Safe And Sound Protocol (SSP) by Stephen Porges zertifiziert (UNYTE-Integrated Listening Systems)

  • INPP® Neuromotorische Entwicklungsförderung (Kinder und Erwachsene) zertifiziert (INPP® Österreich und Schweiz)

  • In Ausbildung zum Epigenetik Coach und DNA Expert 

​Weiterbildungen in:

  • Tibetischer Heilmassage zertifiziert (Bio-Media, Basel)

  • Reflexzonen Wechseljahre zertifiziert  (Bio- Medica Basel) 

  • Wickelanwendungen

  • Hormondiagnostik (Verisana, Deutschland)

  • Haarmineralanalyse/Stoffwechselregulation (Verisana, Deutschland)

  • Karma - die Therapie für Praxis- und Fernbehandlungen (Praxis & ErfahrungsRaum, Daniel Rindlisbacher, Stansstad),

  • Lymphdrainage (Bio-Medica Basel)

  • Ernährung und Hormone (

  • MC360 Precision Mold Master Class Advanced (USA)

  • Organic Acid Testing (The Great Plains Laboratory, USA)

  • Nutrigenomics (Dr. Ben Lynch, USA)

  • SIBO Mastery Program zertifiziert (Dr Nirala Jacobi)

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