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Metabolic regulation in children

Sensory perception is the natural process of receiving and processing stimuli, be it from the environment or from within the body, e.g. B. Feelings. On a sensory perception  we react with different behavior, that  in turn can influence perception. Sensory perception helps us to find our way in the world.

Today, children are often exposed to many external stimuli, which puts additional strain on their metabolism and can lead to disharmonies and blockages, inner restlessness and even exhaustion. We are often not aware that children are born with serious nutritional deficiencies and hormonal imbalances. Epigenetics plays a major role in this.

Does your child have difficulties at school or in kindergarten?  
  • Distracted, impulsive or withdrawn?

  • Despite learning badly at school?

  • Does it sleep badly?

  • Ambitious and competitive?

  • Can handle criticism badly?  

  • Is it often disappointed in itself?

  • Perceive a lot at once?

  • Is it often overwhelmed?

  • Is suddenly no longer happy?


Does your child already have a diagnosis? Do you disagree or do you want to treat your child without medication?  

I have three children myself, the youngest of whom is an ADHD child according to conventional medicine. But what is ADHD or ADD? In many cases, nutrient imbalances and epigenetics are responsible. There are numerous other disorders that are diagnosed in children, such as Asperger's Syndrome. Here, too, changes can be achieved with a change in diet and targeted nutrients.

If you would like to know more about this, I would be happy to advise you. The therapy plan is designed in such a way that you, the parents, can easily implement it with your child.

Depending on the topic, further therapeutic support is required, e.g. the discharge of vaccinations or medicines by a specialized homeopath.

A preliminary talk is possible at any time by phone free of charge, book an initial talk of 15 minutes for this. and write me one  Mail  with your phone number. Then I'll call you at the booked time.

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