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Full body therapies



In foot reflexology therapy, it is assumed that all organs and muscle groups in the human body have a correspondence on the sole of the foot and the dorsum of the foot. Massage of these zones improves organ function and stimulates self-healing powers. The aim of such a reflex zone treatment is to dissolve blockages and to bring the entire system back into balance through deep relaxation. The foot reflex zone massage is an effective healing method that looks at people holistically and not just treats individual symptoms.

Ever  after  indication  I use the following therapies in addition to the reflex zone mass on the foot:

  •   Nerve reflex therapy on the foot : The nerve reflex therapy on the foot has a stimulating effect on the free nerve endings. By pressing the points, the assigned areas are treated.  

  • Reflective lymphatic treatment:  It is a very gentle type of massage with predominantly rhythmic alternating strokes to promote the direction of the lymph flow. Congestion in the lymphatic system can lead to an imbalance in the body.  The treatment has a very harmonizing effect on the whole person.

Ear reflex zones - ear acupressure

As on the feet, the whole body is also reflected in the ear. There are connections between the ear and the internal organs, glands and structures that constantly communicate with one another. Due to the quick and easy access from the ear to the body process, pain and sensitivities of various kinds can be alleviated.

The position of the organ zones corresponds to an embryo standing on its head.

Connective tissue massage and cupping

Changes or diseases of the organism are reflected in the connective tissue, conversely, changes in the connective tissue are projected onto the entire organism.

The connective tissue massage is a manual stimulation therapy that uses pulling and stretching stimuli on the subcutaneous connective tissue. It triggers a nervous-reflex reaction that affects the internal organs and the musculoskeletal system and mechanically restores the skin's mobility.

It has a harmonizing effect on the vegetative nervous system, stimulates the metabolism and blood circulation. Connective tissue massage and cupping combine to create an effective reflex therapy on the trunk.

Lymphatic drainage

Manual lymph drainage is part of the complex physical decongestive therapy.

Gentle, stroking, circling or pumping massage strokes promote the flow of lymph and thus the removal of harmful deposits, toxins and excess water in the tissue.

Lymph drainage is particularly suitable for complaints in which there is congestion of lymph or water in the tissue, this can be a great relief in the regulation of the metabolism, as the liver and kidneys detoxify a lot and the removal of toxins does not work smoothly .

Tibetan healing massage

The energetic Tibetan healing massage has a balancing and calming effect on body, mind and soul. Slow, flowing movements with the flat of the hand and fingertips and the stimulation of individual energy points on the back activate the self-healing powers, relieve energy blockages, tension and pain and the three basic energies of Tibetan medicine - Lung (wind), Tripa (fire, gall ) and Peken (earth, slime) - brought into balance.

Liver wrap

Warming liver wraps with liver oil or yarrow . The liver is a very busy organ and is the driving force for all activities. When strain, stress, overwork and poor nutrition get out of hand, the liver can be overwhelmed with detoxification. Anger, aggression, anger and mood swings can result. The liver wraps stimulate blood circulation, reduce tension and help the liver to detoxify. Very helpful as an accompanying therapy for metabolic regulation.

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